All You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Wave


Google Wave is the latest and probably the best available mode of communication over the internet. Though it may seem a little daunting to those who are new to the Wave, understanding the basics will let you experience a truly exhilarating online experience. The main question that most beginners ask is – what is a wave? To answer simply, a wave is a beautiful blend of conversation and document. With the Google wave it is possible to communicate with people as well as work together on documents, photos, presentations etc.

The best part of the Google Wave is that it is simultaneously accessible to multiple users, which means that all parties to a particular conversation can participate at any given moment, work on a document and complete it, while online. Editing and proofing documents can be done together, which essentially means that you need not send emails to your colleagues and wait for them to get back to you, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Using the Google wave, it is possible for you to share photos with your loved ones instantaneously by simply dragging them from the desktop and dropping them in the wave. Additionally, it helps you to maintain a combined online photo album, where anyone can add photos to your album, thereby making it comprehensive.

Google Wave also allows you to maintain a single copy of the schedule; plans and itineraries for any meeting that you wish to organize. It is also possible to use various gadgets like maps etc to add to the event, through the wave. Similarly, holding meetings, taking notes and writing minutes are very easy using the wave, as this allows you to record things in real time as well as playback to check if the sequence of events is correct.

Google wave is an excellent tool for brainstorming together as it helps bring all the people of a particular team together and allows them to add ideas wherever necessary or desirable. Adding images, videos and other links are possible, which will add richness to the brainstorming session. The details so added can then be reviewed and finalized while on the wave itself.

Lastly, the Google Wave is an excellent tool for playing interactive games with your friends and family. The best part of the wave is that you can add a robot, which will help you interact with people from all languages. This robot helps translate whatever is said in another language into a language you understand and that too in real time, which means you need not hesitate from interacting with people speaking different languages.

Simple Tips to Increase Traffic through Effective YouTube Marketing

With the advent of technology and the extensive use of the World Wide Web, marketing strategies have taken a completely new look, opting to attract people online rather than offline. Various online marketing strategies are being used to attract potential customers, one of which is YouTube marketing, which essentially uses videos to market your product or service. Using videos to market your company has been recognized as a great strategy by many, especially because the visual medium is always more effective. Having said that, it is important to realize that video marketing or YouTube marketing, like any other form of marketing is effective only when used properly and in a manner that you are featured in the top ranks of search engines. There are certain basic features that need to be kept in mind while creating videos for YouTube marketing, which are essential to getting higher ranks on search engines.


This is perhaps the most important aspect that should be kept in mind while creating YouTube videos. Always remember that all your videos should be created keeping in mind the search engines. Using attractive and keyword rich titles will help the search engine access your video and rank it among the top ranking videos in that category. It is important that your chosen title is relevant to the topic in question. For example, if you are creating a video on baking cakes, then the title could be “Simple ways to bake a cake” or “easy tips for baking” etc. Apart from being relevant, the title you use should be powerful and attractive and should catch the attention of the viewer immediately, making him or her want to see the video.


Just as you would in an article, it is important to have good and relevant content in a video. It should contain material that viewers find useful or entertaining. It is essential to remember at this point that viewers normally view videos for entertainment or learning and it is essential that your video caters to those needs. Content used in such videos should be keyword rich so as to attract search engines.

Watermarking with URL

It is essential to note here that most people do not read the description box below the video, preferring to see the video and move on. Under these circumstances, it becomes very essential to watermark your video with your URL, which is extremely useful in cases where another copies your video onto his or her website. In such cases, the embedded URL allows you to direct traffic to your website.


The idea of using YouTube videos is to generate traffic to your website and in order to ensure people who view your video actually visit your site, it is important to provide a link to your site in the description box. This link should be accessible and should take the viewer directly to your site.

Call to Action

It is important to remember that most video viewers will hop from one video to another and this habit will not increase traffic to your website and will render your video marketing efforts useless. In order to change this routine of a YouTube video viewer, it is important that you have a call to action, where you can ask the viewer to click on the link given in the description box and ensure that traffic is directed to your website.
Rating or getting responses

Lastly, for any marketing strategy to be effective, it is important to communicate with the viewers and elicit responses from them regarding your video as well as company, product or service. It is important to have meaningful interaction with both existing customers as well as prospective ones.

Top Reasons To Invest in Social Media

Despite tough economic times and tightening financial belts, most businesses and companies continue to invest in social media tools and online resources simply because they offer many benefits.

Social Media is a Great Marketing Channel

Social media offer many benefits that other communication channels cannot offer. It’s a very natural way to increase and direct traffic towards your website where your products or services are promoted. It spontaneously exposes the company brand to huge groups of people around the world. It is quite different from paid advertisement, which can be a risky and expensive proposition.

It Can Easily Increase Leads and Sales

Any social media expert would inform you that there is a real correlation between the financial performance of the company and the engagement of social media tools. Most of the world’s top brands have been able to increase their profits further by using social media tools to their advantage. As the owner of a business, you simply cannot ignore this trend, and should not be lagging behind others in employing the latest marketing tools. Social media is very flexible mode and blends in well with other marketing efforts. It can fit in with any advertising campaign targeted at search engines or websites. Good search engine rankings and traffic combined with social media marketing will surely result in increased leads and sales.

It is a global Phenomenon

Over the past few years, a steady upward trend is observed in the popularity and people’s interest in social media. Research reveals that many members on social media sites plan to either maintain or increase their participation in online communities. Companies benefit by opening communication and interaction channels with potential customers using such social media tools. Social media helps to build awareness of the business by word-of-mouth publicity, spreading customer loyalty, idea generation and often results in improved quality of customer support.

Offers More Control

Social media traffic can very easily be controlled through strategic planning of marketing based on mutual interests whereas search engine traffic cannot be controlled.

High Yielding Results Compared to Low Costs

Social media channels are usually free to sign up and maintain presence on. The only costs you would incur are your time and effort. Other advertising channels require thousands of dollars as investment but social media can do that for free.

A social media expert would have you know that most business owners are unaware of the potential of social media sites. So, investing in social media may be just what your company needs to climb to the next level of success.

Essentials of Twitter Lists and Scope for Improvement

Twitter has become the most widely used networking tool, which enables you to easily meet, message and network with likeminded individuals. Having said that, the main hassle with using a tool like twitter is the difficulty in organizing information, especially contact or follower names but this problem has been solved with the creation of twitter lists, which make it very easy to categorize all your information as per your requirement.
The best part of twitter lists is that it allows individuals to create the list as against other networking sites like Facebook where you have to join in a page or become a fan to create a list. The best use for such lists is that all twitter users can now get access to the public messages of twitter users under a specific category. Moreover, it allows individuals to categorize all their followers into separate categories for easy access.

Given the usefulness of twitter lists, it is important to understand that this is still in its infancy and has yet to grow, for which incidentally this concept has tremendous potential. The major drawback of this present system is that it allows only a finite number of lists, namely 20 and each list can have only a finite number of people, namely 500. This restricts the freedom of the user who now has to really prioritize the kind of category he or she really requires and also select only the most important people to form the group. Additionally, this feature has other problems, which if solved could make this an extremely useful feature for all twitter users.

All new introductions bring with them a huge scope for improvement and following are a few areas where twitter lists can definitely improve, in order to become a great asset for networking individuals and twitter users.

* Increasing the number of lists that one can create as well as increasing the number of people per list will help twitter users categorize their contacts better and with more ease.
* Simplified search tool, by which the user can actually search within a list or category is an absolute necessity as this simplifies the concept of searching through the myriad followers of an individual.
* Individual user should be given the freedom of choosing the lists he or she wants displayed on the side. * Additionally, a select set of lists pertaining to the interest of the individual user should also be displayed.
* Creating lists, under a specific category, automatically with the click of a button from the myriad people following or being followed by the user.
* Freedom to add people directly to a list and also to easily and directly send messages to people in a particular list.
* Last but not the least, the ability to combine lists, when required.

These few aspects, though simple, go a long way in making life simpler for a twitter user and should form a part of twitter lists in the future. This is very important because today a popularity of a person is measured by the number of lists he or she is a part of and hence the freedom to create more and better lists will ensure better networking and easier communication.