Link Love from Web 2.0 Properties with High Page Rank

With the increased usage of web 2.0 in ecommerce, all of us are well aware about the advantage of web 2.0 properties in ecommerce and therefore, I shall not dwell on the importance but will deal with another aspect that can actually increase the advantage of web 2.0 properties in online marketing. Authority sites are sites that have been accepted by various search engines as trustworthy sites and are therefore ranked higher than other sites. If you want your website to be ranked higher in the search engine rankings, then the obvious answer is to link your website to any authority site, like Ezine articles, Hubpages, Squidoo lenses and the like. By doing this, you will not only increase your own page rank but will also be counted as one of the trustworthy and true sites by search engines.

Linking with such authority sites is possible by creating content that is rich in the keywords, specific to your area of business. Such keywords are popularly known as tier 2 keywords, which are more specific and ensure more traffic to your website, through its use. Any content that you put on these authority sites should be original and should adhere to the tier 2 keywords that are selected for your website. Having said that it is important to add that while some authority sites accept duplicate content, after giving due credit to the original writer, others require articles that can use the essence of another article but are rewritten in such a way that they seem original.

Having understood the basics of authority sites and the importance of linking the same to your site, it is important to dwell on the impact on your site, on the possibility of such sites being linked to each other. If a Squidoo lens was linked to Weebly or a HubPage was linked to another authority site that carries information related to your chosen tier -2, keyword, then the possible outcome is that your page gets ranked at a higher place, much faster than if it were through a single authority site. The fact that you use such sites and link it back to your own website increases your ranking status. However, if you were to use keyword rich content on many such authority sites and link the same together as well as back link it to your site, then one can only imagine the power of such linkages. This is called the spreading of love amongst the web 2.0 properties, as you are using these properties to further your own business as well as increase the stability of search engine rankings for your keywords.