Voice Blogging – The Next Logical Step in Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly the best way to reach out to your audience and create an impact. However, most bloggers detest the enormous amounts of typing that is necessary to maintain a blog. A simple solution to this problem is voice blogging, which means that now you can record and post your blogs onto your blog sites in your own voice, without really having to type. All you require is a voice enabled feature on your computer along with speakers and you are ready to voice blog. More often than not, people are excellent speakers and it is easy for them to share their thoughts orally than in writing and voice blogging is an excellent tool for such people.

There are two basic ways in which you can create voice blogs. Firstly, you record your message onto your computer and then post it onto your blog site. Alternatively, there are several social networking sites, where you call their allotted number to leave your blog message, which is then posted automatically onto your blog.

Voice blogging has its pros and cons, both of which have to be weighed before using this medium for reaching out to your clients. Primarily, this concept is truly easy and anyone who wants to blog can do so easily, even when on the move as all you have to do is call, record and post. Searching voice blogs is easy as they use the voice XML, however, ensure that you mention the exact term that denotes your blog as this makes searching easier.

One of the major disadvantages of this medium is the extensive nature of the content. In other words, there is so much content available on the internet that the probability of search engines finding your content and ranking it high is really difficult. In addition, there is no check on the content that is being uploaded, which increases chances of irrelevancy of content.

Moreover, while recording and posting your blogs cost no money, it could be expensive to call a number to post your blog, especially if you have to call long distance. Lastly, the constant advances in technology ensure that video blogging will soon overtake voice blogging, making the latter redundant in the future.

Irrespective of whether or not this concept picks up momentum and really succeeds, it is important to note that, as of today, this is a great tool to interact with your audience, which you can use even when on the move.

Avoid Being Annoying in Your Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaign


I am certain that in your Facebook experience, there is a particular page you decided to ‘Like’ which got on your nerves completely; a couple of days into ‘liking’ and you ended up scouring for the ‘Unlike’ button. Having a Facebook Business profile doesn’t mean that you have to bore and nag your fans to get their attention. You need to have brilliant marketing skills to appeal to people on this 300 million plus member website.

Updates are certainly a very innovative way of communicating to your fans provided they are in lieu of communicating relevant and important things to them while still getting your bit of marketing done. Whether you like it or not, you have to practice Facebook Business page etiquette in order to maintain your fan base and avoid annoying any of them.


Do not abuse updates – it is that simple. It is so annoying logging into Facebook and finding 3 inboxes ALL from “Obama is The Best President Ever” fan page or “I Love Everything by Paco Robanne.” It is prudent to use the status update function for frequent updates and reserving the “Update All” feature only for important things. When it calls for updating all, have a clear trail of thought to ensure that you fit everything you want to communicate into one message.

Provide Worthwhile Information

As much as it may seem remarkable that you ordered pizza for all your employees, your fans would care less. Provide them information that will interest and affect them in one way or the other and make sure it is interesting to maintain interest from start to finish. Avoid throwing in links in every inbox message you sent. Be informative and don’t use the hard marketing technique. Of importance, ensure currency of your information.

Optimize Your Page for Better Usability

There are two major reasons for optimizing your page. Firstly, you need to ensure proper utilization of your page as a business resource and secondly, to improve navigation to certain areas of your site. You should add HTML codes and widgets in your business page to make it more interactive and usable.

Fill Out Your Profile

It is very surprising to have fan pages that lack bio and other relevant info describing the company. The main aim of a fan page is promoting your company. How do you promote a company that is not known? In essence it would take you a maximum of 5 minutes to complete; you owe it to your clients and would-be clients.

Add Content!

Your business page should be filled with content that is up-to-date. Include photos from company dinners, corporate social events etc, uplink videos and any other relevant content that you may have. I really do not need to caution against this but some people never know how far to take a joke. Avoid uploading a photo of yourself having drunk yourself to a stupor at the Christmas party.

Facebook has a lot of juice in it to boost sales volume, all you have to do is harness the resource and use it wisely.