Social Media Predictions

Over the past years social media has become an imperative tool for internet marketers. It has gradually made a place for itself and is steadily changing the pattern of how individuals or corporate houses market, promote and maintain their present and potential customer base online. Listed below are the few predictions by avid online marketers.

2011 will see online marketers with more conversational tools to engage the clients. Instead of simply focusing on engagement of the end customer, the marketers will concentrate on technologies and ideas that will stimulate conversations. Like the QR code, the new technologies will be completely driven by data measurement as well.

As the paid search engines and ultimately conversion rates continuously decline and become expensive more and more companies are going to be engaging themselves in social media to reach the end customer through expansion of man power and budget.

Social media will not be called a new media any more. It will be a mainstream tool and will attract a lot more budget by the corporate marketing team. Internet users of all age groups who till now stayed away from online magazines, newspaper and journals will soon become avid users of the same including watching the short and the long videos. They will stay connected with family, colleagues and friends as they move from one geolocation to another on social media platforms. As letters were replaced by emails, soon emails may be replaced by Face book.

Profile security will be a cause of concern and a huge issue as the data on user and personalized sharing will be more emphasized than ever. Small time businesses will get a better chance of competing against big names on social platform.

The users of social media will demand much more from it. Businesses will want more proof to driving business; the regular users will look towards more quality substance while the regular practitioners will have to demand excellence from themselves.

2011 will see more success stories of social media marketing with many more corporate houses jumping the line with variety of campaigns on Face book, Twitter and other geo location networks. Creativity will continue to thrive with social media gaining support from evidence that it actually works.

Internet world is still not being used by more than four to five billion people from all over the world. The internet population may just double this year with new users from South Asia, Africa and South America. The social media should gear up to satisfy the needs of the growing internet population who are looking for quality information, specificity and education.

2011 will definitely be a year of integration. With one to one marketing being an idea for decades, we may finally see it taking shape this year. Individual promotional mails will be sent to clients who clicked a particular link on Twitter.

Social media pages will soon become promotional hubs with exclusive offers to a set of warm audiences.