Is Google+ plus better than Facebook?


The social networking war has begun. The new Google+ promises to be better than facebook. Several people have already started moving to Google+ and building connections there. The question in the long run is to see if Google+ kills the facebook craze.

Google+ beats facebook hands down on several aspects.  Considering the below mentioned aspects, facebook seems to face a bleak future.

  1. Privacy: Facebook has many privacy issues. People find their accounts hacked or hit by virus. Recent privacy breaches with facebook have forced users to look out for other options. Google’s reputation for data privacy is well known across the globe. Google has carefully planned the launch of its social networking application. Google assures maximum data privacy.
  2. Selective share options: Google+ has introduced wonderful feature called circles. It is not necessary that you add a person to your circle. You can create separate circles only for friends, family, co-workers or mere acquaintances. You can choose what you want to share with your circles. So now you can share a status update just for your family or for specific set of friends. This feature is not available on facebook.
  3. Easy upload of pictures: Google has smartly linked Picasa to Google+ therefore it is extremely easy to upload pictures or share your albums as per your choice. If you don’t want to share a particular Picasa album on Google+ then you need to just change the settings of the album to private.
  4. Group video chat: Google has gone a step ahead of facebook and introduced group video chats on their hangout section. What else can a savvy user ask for?
  5. Circles: Circles are the best feature of Google+ so far. On facebook you had to add people whom you really did not want to connect with; just to stay guilt free. However with Google+, you can label people in different circles and therefore restrict your data information for them. They would never know what you have labeled them as.

Looking at the way Google+ has taken off, it may soon be the “most happening and safe social networking site”