Four Fundamental Rules To Deal With Social Media Crisis

Social media crisis can occur anytime. It can be caused by an unhappy employee, unsatisfied customer or incorrect postings or ads that may have hurt the sentiments of any one. It is imperative that you must have a social media crisis plan in place even before the crisis occurs. Having a social media crisis plan helps you to control the crisis before it spirals out of control. Here are few fundamental rules that one must follow while dealing with social media crisis.

1. Response Flow chart: you must prepare a social media response flowchart beforehand. This flow chart will ensure that all sources provide same information rather than different versions of handling crisis. Enlist your employees in crisis management.

2. Turnaround time: Time is the crux of handling any crisis. Be prompt to respond to any negative feedback before it goes out of control. Any social media crisis should be handled within 24 hours from the time crisis occurred.

3. Involve your top influencers: It is important that you monitor your social media pages and know your top influencers. Involve your top influencers in responding to negative feedback. These influencers are from your audience and no one can handle crowd better than the person from the crowd himself.

4. Create Facebook landing page: Facebook fan pages are likely to be full of criticism and negative comments in case of social media crisis. You must create a landing page that addresses the problem and your response to the same. Don’t play blame game while addressing the issue. Link this landing page to your Facebook business page so that audience sees your response before they see any negative criticism. Link the same landing page to all your social media pages including Google+.

Last but not the least, maintain your poise. The way your organization handles social media crisis will go a long way in making or breaking its reputation.