Why does your Startup need an Explainer Video-Infographics

How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost- An Infographic

Infographic- YouTube Vs Vimeo

Instagram Vs Vine

Instagram and Vine are two of the most popular video sharing Apps. Both these applications operate in a similar fashion yet they have a vast difference among themselves. Face book users love their experience with Instagram and Twitter users simply cannot stop speaking about Vine. The question remains, which is the best amongst the two. A brief comparison among the two giants of short term video Apps may help you to understand what suits you better.

  1. Video Time: Instagram is more generous than Vine in the context of video length. Instagram allows you to share videos up to 15 seconds as compared to Vine’s bare minimum limit of six seconds. Decent video length allows you to shoot interesting and fun videos without bothering about the time limit. Though 15 seconds may seem like eternity if the video is tad boring. This could be one of the reasons that Instagram videos are higher in quality as compared to Vine.
  2. Ease of Shooting: Instagram offers tap-to-focus option while shooting and this allows the video recorder to switch from background to fore ground. This can be brilliant when dealing with multiple angles in video. It also sports Nifty feature that can stabilize your video even after you shoot it. The only drawback is that you need to use a big red button on screen to shoot on Instagram whereas Vine allows you to record by clicking anywhere on the app.
  3. Looping: Vine sports a loop feature that enables you to watch short videos at length. It is especially good for animation videos as the visuals appear better after looping, Instagram does not capitalize on looping probably because of extended video length.
  4. Edit options: Instagram scores on vine on editing fore front. Users have ability adding signature filters as well as deleting sequences from the video. Signature filters can definitely help you to improve visual quality of your video

At the moment, Instagram tends to be far ahead of Vine when you consider usability and features, though Vine is gearing up and has already announced that it may provide ability to save video drafts in near future.

Infographic-How Businesses use Social Media

Social media has become an integral part for businesses. Business owners are using social media platforms to make the effective use of the marketing campaigns. Small to medium-sized businesses are looking for its growth prospects through Facebook, twitter and the likes.

I came across this infographic by Invesp which helps you understand “Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media”.-

Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media

Infographic-Social Media Etiquette:How To Say Thank You

Social media sites like Faceook, Twitter, Linkedin are important communication platforms for all of us. And in this virtual world it is very essential to follow social media etiquette.

Today I came across Social Media infogaphic by SYNQK which explains 6 ways to say thank you on social media. Sharing it here- 🙂

Social Media Campaign- Flying High With Pinterest

Pinterest has been recognized as the third most popular and biggest social networking site after Facebook and Twitter. It is interesting to see how business organizations are tapping into this social medium that works as a picture board. Most of the organizations and SME’s use Pinterest to pin their product images however two most innovative and successful social media marketing campaigns that were created using Pinterest were by Jetsetter and British Midland International.

Social Media Marketing Campaign #1- Jetsetter

Jetsetter created wave on social networking site Pinterest with their unique giveaway campaign. Aptly named ‘Pin it to win it’, this contest required the participants to create an ultimate destination pin board under four categories, escape, adventure, cosmopolitan and style. The pin board had to include ‘Jetsetter curator’ in the name and the pins required to have hashtag #JetsetterCurator.
Winning boards were selected by panel of judges and each winner won a three day stay at the destination in each category. This campaign also incentivized people for sharing the content by rewarding the most followed pin board with $1000 jetsetter credits. This campaign increased Jetsetter’s web traffic by 150% and enhanced their fan following on Pinterest by 3000 members. This campaign integrated simple and effective principle of enhancing visibility and incentivizing sharing to gain more followers.



Social Media Marketing Campaign #2- British Midland International

British Midland International created the first ever lottery contest on Pinterest. Users had to do is Pin up to six images from seven destinations on their Pinterest boards. All the photos are given a number from one to 63. Every week.
BMI chose a photo at random and if the photo belonging to user got pinned, the user would win a free BMI flight to selected destination. This campaign gained lot of exposure from different sites and soon it became the talk of the town. BMI benefitted from enhanced web traffic and mass scale branding with this campaign.

British Midland International