All You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Wave


Google Wave is the latest and probably the best available mode of communication over the internet. Though it may seem a little daunting to those who are new to the Wave, understanding the basics will let you experience a truly exhilarating online experience. The main question that most beginners ask is – what is a wave? To answer simply, a wave is a beautiful blend of conversation and document. With the Google wave it is possible to communicate with people as well as work together on documents, photos, presentations etc.

The best part of the Google Wave is that it is simultaneously accessible to multiple users, which means that all parties to a particular conversation can participate at any given moment, work on a document and complete it, while online. Editing and proofing documents can be done together, which essentially means that you need not send emails to your colleagues and wait for them to get back to you, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Using the Google wave, it is possible for you to share photos with your loved ones instantaneously by simply dragging them from the desktop and dropping them in the wave. Additionally, it helps you to maintain a combined online photo album, where anyone can add photos to your album, thereby making it comprehensive.

Google Wave also allows you to maintain a single copy of the schedule; plans and itineraries for any meeting that you wish to organize. It is also possible to use various gadgets like maps etc to add to the event, through the wave. Similarly, holding meetings, taking notes and writing minutes are very easy using the wave, as this allows you to record things in real time as well as playback to check if the sequence of events is correct.

Google wave is an excellent tool for brainstorming together as it helps bring all the people of a particular team together and allows them to add ideas wherever necessary or desirable. Adding images, videos and other links are possible, which will add richness to the brainstorming session. The details so added can then be reviewed and finalized while on the wave itself.

Lastly, the Google Wave is an excellent tool for playing interactive games with your friends and family. The best part of the wave is that you can add a robot, which will help you interact with people from all languages. This robot helps translate whatever is said in another language into a language you understand and that too in real time, which means you need not hesitate from interacting with people speaking different languages.