Infographic-Social Media Etiquette:How To Say Thank You

Social media sites like Faceook, Twitter, Linkedin are important communication platforms for all of us. And in this virtual world it is very essential to follow social media etiquette.

Today I came across Social Media infogaphic by SYNQK which explains 6 ways to say thank you on social media. Sharing it here- 🙂

How to Tap the Power of LinkedIn


Are you often wondering, how you can use your LinkedIn account to generate more business or to make easy business decisions? Is your LinkedIn account just being idle and you visit it once in a while? If yes, then it is time that you unleash the power of professional networking. If you are a SME then, LinkedIn can be a great tool to aid your business.

You can use LinkedIn not only to connect to potential customers but also to develop your network of trusted suppliers. Well, don’t be surprised. LinkedIn can be used for channelizing your business. You can join groups of different suppliers that are essential for your business. Start interacting with these suppliers with a view of understanding their ability to support your business and the economic viability of your business relation. Next important step is to ask for endorsements and recommendations from your clients. Client endorsements add a boost to your image. They enhance your credibility and highlight your business strengths. Client endorsements are a great way to acquire business through self promotion and oral publicity. You can also sync your twitter account to your LinkedIn account with a view of consolidating updates and saving time. Self promotion can be a major help. Your clients must know you and the only person who knows you the best is only ‘YOU’. Highlight your achievements, product launches and new strategies in order to gain attention and increase visibility. This will help in acquiring new business. You can establish yourself as a business expert by linking your blogs and interacting in forums.

LinkedIn can also be used as a great place to learn. Join groups where you can learn new strategies about your weak areas. For example, if you are not technologically sound, you can join a group that discusses new technologies and keep yourself up to date about what is happening in the technical field. These forums can help you with numerous business trips and tricks. Cast the net of networking. It is important that you make conscious efforts to widen your network. Create a strong network of online connections. Be in constant touch with your important connections. This will help you to seek aid from them and use them for potential business. You might be surprised to know that you can also find potential investors and mentors on LinkedIn. Several small businesses have raised funds for expansion through their LinkedIn network. Another smart trick is to connect with your competitors or subscribe to their networks. This strategy helps you in keeping a close eye on the competition. These small tips can help you in tapping the underlying power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Tips for Businesses


Social media is a rage amongst the youth and the masses. When one thinks about social media, the first thing that comes to their mind is Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and MySpace are more of social networking sites which are also used by businesses for interaction. LinkedIn stands out as a professional networking site.

LinkedIn is extremely powerful tool to connect to people and enhance your business opportunities. Here are few tips that can help you in tapping on vast gamut of business opportunities through LinkedIn connections.

1. Update Profile Info: Your LinkedIn profile is your online identity. The first thing that people notice about you will be your profile information. It is crucial that you fill up all the relevant information about yourself and your business. It is important that this information is updated and reviewed periodically.

2. Add your expertise: Areas of expertise need to be highlighted in order to grab the potential visitor’s attention. Your area of expertise will also determine your networking circle. For example if you are a recruitment firm and your expertise is headhunting for top management then you need to mention the same in most appealing way. This will ensure that potential senior management individuals and companies that require your services will connect with you.

3. Participate in forums: LinkedIn groups have several forums. It is recommended that you participate in these forums and share your industry knowledge on the subject. Forum participation and answering questions about domain expertise add a lot of credibility to your profile.

4. Aim to be top influencer: Every group has statistics about top influencers of the week. People want to connect to top influencers because they are considered to be market leaders. It should be your aim to be one of the top influencers in your industry domain or industry related group.

5. Create your business page: Your business page is the mouthpiece of your business progress. It is recommended that you create a business page and update your recent achievement, changes and progress targets. This has a dual benefit. One that the business gets more visibility and second that the consumers and potential clients are constantly reminded about your presence.

6. Create online polls: Nothing can be as effective as online polls. If you are planning on launching a new product or diversifying your product mix, then you can create an online poll and get an instantaneous response and market pulse.

These simple tips can help you in unleashing your business potential and opening new doors of opportunities for you.