Factors to be considered for effective use of Hubpages

Hubpages is a popular tool used by many businesses today whilst indulging in social media marketing. It has been effectively used by many to improve their page ranks by exploiting the provision of backlinks. However, like most social media tools, in order to be hundred percent effective, it is important to understand the basic principles that are absolutely necessary for a successful Hubpage. We all know that by using Hubpages we can create Hubs on different topics relevant to our website and back link it to increase incoming traffic. However, what most do not realize is that in order to actually be effective, the HubScore of your Hubs matter a lot. HubScore is a score given by the HubPages admin, which ranks your hub in terms of quality. HubScore ranges from 0-100 and determines the rank of your hubpage as well as your status as a member. For maintaining a successful Hub, it is absolutely necessary that your HubScore is above 70 on the percentile scale.

In order to maintain a HubScore of 70 and above, it is essential to understand how this HubScore is computed. Various aspects of a hub are considered while computing the HubScore and chief among these factors are:

• Originality of content
• Response given by the readers to your hub, which includes comments, thumbs up etc.
• Amount of traffic
• Reputation of the Hubber

Originality of content is perhaps the most important factor that determines your HubScore. It is important to remember that for your hubpage to be accepted and published, the content should be hundred percent original and there should be no duplicates anywhere. While this is the basic tenet for a high HubScore, it is also the most ignored as Hubpages publishes copied or duplicate content. What most people do not realize is that while it is possible to publish duplicate content, it defeats the whole purpose as you cannot back link to your site. Hence it is advisable that you use original content or at least modify the content so that it seems unique before posting it on you hub. Using keyword rich content, without overly promoting yourself will also help increase your HubScore and page rank on Hubpages, thereby directing traffic to your site. Another important aspect is that if someone is duplicating your content, be sure to inform admin at Hubpages and stop the duplication, as this will lead to your Hubpage being penalized and maybe even removed from viewing. Spamming is very common on the Internet leads to lower HubScores.

Originality of content and good quality hub will attract more traffic to it and will also attract favorable responses from the viewers or readers. Incoming traffic to your hub and the response of the reader plays a very important role in determining your HubScore. It is absolutely necessary to create a hub where people can interact with you, comment on your topic and give and receive inputs. Effective communication between you and your readers is absolutely essential for increasing your HubScore.

Status of the Hubber affects the HubScore and the better your status, higher the HubScores. You can improve your hubber status by publishing large numbers of quality hubs. It is pertinent to note that publishing more hubs will not increase your status but publishing more quality ones will definitely help you, emphasis being totally on quality. Secondly, the more you interact on Hubpages by reading and commenting on other’s hubs, participating in forums etc then you increase your status as a hubber. In addition, your HubScores, fan following, responses to your hubs also affect your status, which ultimately affect your HubScore.

Hubpages is an excellent Web 2.0 tool, which if used effectively can help you get quality backlinks and increase web traffic to your site. If you want to understand more about this wonderful tool and want to use it effectively to promote your business, then do contact me and I would love to help you in successfully using this tool.

  1. Jennifer Hughs
    Jennifer Hughs says:

    My Hub scores are ranging from 50-70. All my writing is original. A lot of my articles deal with weight loss and health. What do you think I should be doing to increase my score? My e-zine articles are getting many more views than Hub pages.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Shefali Nagdev
    Shefali Nagdev says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for standing by. The HubScore also depends on the amount of traffic the page gets. I am managing a few Hub accounts. Try these:
    1. You should share your page on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon.
    2. Interact within Hub community- participate in comments, become fan of other hubbers, etc
    3. Since your ezine articles are getting more views you can link it to your hubpage to get visitors on your hub.
    Hope all this will increase your HubScore.