Increase Traffic through Online Video Marketing

Here is a short 2 minutes video and a write-up on “Increase Traffic through Online Video Marketing”. See to yourself what you prefer- Reading or Hearing!! Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Video marketing has been gaining popularity as a tool in effectively increasing traffic to a website. Promoting a local business or a blog site through the use of a video has steadily gained weight in terms of traffic generation. People have found so many ways how to enhance the incoming traffic that will lead to a better business hence improve profitability.

As one may notice, Google and Yahoo’s search sites display not only images, articles, web content but also video content. Optimizing all the tools that can be used is a great way for you to clog traffic in your site.

Why Video Marketing?

Online videos have been some marketer’s preferred method to deliver their message across every prospective buyers or clients. Over the last few years, the emergence of videos as a marketing tool has proven its presence and effectiveness in driving visitors to a site. Here are the reasons why:

1. Larger Audience
People usually like to watch more than read. Most of us are visual learners by nature. In this argument, it can be concluded that you will likely to get more people to view your video content rather than read your article unless you have a very interesting and catchy blog or business write-up.

2. You Stimulate the Senses
Have you ever heard the song that says “If a picture paints a thousand words..”? How much more with a video? If still images can capture and bring out a thousand words then naturally videos can do more because you engage other senses and you can create live images.

3. Accessibility
Videos are now seen through different kind of devices such as iPod, laptop, cell phones, desktop. You can access it in your home, while on mobile, in the office or anywhere you are at any time you want it.
The amount of traffic that online videos can drive to your site is too significant to ignore. Yes, it is not a replacement to all the strategies or techniques you have been using but it is definitely worth adding it to your list. The next question you may have is how? Do you just create a video and upload it in YouTube? It may be that easy but to create a more meaningful, sensible and attractive video, follow these guides:

Guide number 1
When you create a video, start it right the first time. How? Use keywords in your title that will help viewers find your video posts. Just keep in mind how you would do it in your article or blog content only this time you are submitting a video content.

Popular online video directories would include YouTube,, Howcast, Photobucket, Myspace, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, and Facebook to name some.

Guide number 2
Enhance your video post through the use of rich keywords content in its article description. Make sure that you use those keywords in your actual video.

Guide number 3
Do not forget to tag your video posts. In as much as using keywords in your title and description, it is also equally important to use tags that relate to your video. As much as possible, use at least 5-7 tags that you have used in your title and description.

It may be quite repetitive but it sure does get a result. With the basic information, tips and guides mentioned in this article, you can start creating and uploading your own videos. Online videos will definitely help you ease the burden of increasing visitors to your site.