Infographic-Social Media Etiquette:How To Say Thank You

Social media sites like Faceook, Twitter, Linkedin are important communication platforms for all of us. And in this virtual world it is very essential to follow social media etiquette.

Today I came across Social Media infogaphic by SYNQK which explains 6 ways to say thank you on social media. Sharing it here- 🙂

How to Tap the Power of LinkedIn


Are you often wondering, how you can use your LinkedIn account to generate more business or to make easy business decisions? Is your LinkedIn account just being idle and you visit it once in a while? If yes, then it is time that you unleash the power of professional networking. If you are a SME then, LinkedIn can be a great tool to aid your business.

You can use LinkedIn not only to connect to potential customers but also to develop your network of trusted suppliers. Well, don’t be surprised. LinkedIn can be used for channelizing your business. You can join groups of different suppliers that are essential for your business. Start interacting with these suppliers with a view of understanding their ability to support your business and the economic viability of your business relation. Next important step is to ask for endorsements and recommendations from your clients. Client endorsements add a boost to your image. They enhance your credibility and highlight your business strengths. Client endorsements are a great way to acquire business through self promotion and oral publicity. You can also sync your twitter account to your LinkedIn account with a view of consolidating updates and saving time. Self promotion can be a major help. Your clients must know you and the only person who knows you the best is only ‘YOU’. Highlight your achievements, product launches and new strategies in order to gain attention and increase visibility. This will help in acquiring new business. You can establish yourself as a business expert by linking your blogs and interacting in forums.

LinkedIn can also be used as a great place to learn. Join groups where you can learn new strategies about your weak areas. For example, if you are not technologically sound, you can join a group that discusses new technologies and keep yourself up to date about what is happening in the technical field. These forums can help you with numerous business trips and tricks. Cast the net of networking. It is important that you make conscious efforts to widen your network. Create a strong network of online connections. Be in constant touch with your important connections. This will help you to seek aid from them and use them for potential business. You might be surprised to know that you can also find potential investors and mentors on LinkedIn. Several small businesses have raised funds for expansion through their LinkedIn network. Another smart trick is to connect with your competitors or subscribe to their networks. This strategy helps you in keeping a close eye on the competition. These small tips can help you in tapping the underlying power of LinkedIn.

Knowing Whether Social Media Is Ideal For Your Business

The hype associated with Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been around for several years now. Since it has been on the lips of everyone and companies alike – both large and small – have taken the plunge and launched Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as blogs.

Social media marketing should not be embarked on blindly. Of great importance is getting to know whether social media is right for YOUR particular business.

Regrettably, this is a question that very few business people ask themselves prior to registering for a Twitter account or creating a blog. You must be asking yourself, ‘What is the best way of determining whether my business should employ social media to boost sales?’ The first step should be monitoring what your potential and current customers are saying presently and note which medium they use as their mouthpiece.

Having a Facebook fan page would seem very appropriate, but what if your fan base/followers are on Twitter only? Having a blog may seem like a no-brainer but if none of your clientele (present and potential) read blogs or subscribe to their feeds, it would be futile. You have to know exactly which media will give you maximum results and thus being worth your while.

I agree that collecting complete and accurate statistics for your Social Media Marketing campaign can be somewhat tricky and at the same time, very time consuming. Gurus in social media marketing have come up with a tactic that can help in determining the best way of deciding whether you should employ Social Media Marketing and if so, which media would be ideal for you. Begin pilot programs of various media campaigns and allocate equal time dedication per week. Post blogs, update profiles and statuses, and get to build as many relationships as possible. Keep this going for approximately two months since it is virtually impossible to create a buzz in a day or two.

After establishing your brand, analyze which ones have managed to generate the largest buzz. If more people are visiting and making purchases via your Twitter page or LinkedIn profile maintain them. If for whichever reason blogs aren’t getting you the needed attention, then you need to get to shut them down or dedicate less time and just make an online presence. In brevity, what I mean is that you should focus greatly on marketing outlets that are making you visible in the online fraternity since they are the ideal ones for your line and scope of business.

This is a vital process that allows you to avoid blindly following the social media hype which may end up being a waste of precious time. It allows you to join a social media where most of your customers can be found and allow you to converse with them whenever need be. It is important to be open minded when conducting the feasibility study knowing that NOT every business will require social media in order to be successful.

Happy monitoring 🙂 . Here’s to the future of your business and staying ahead of the game!