Infographic-How Businesses use Social Media

Social media has become an integral part for businesses. Business owners are using social media platforms to make the effective use of the marketing campaigns. Small to medium-sized businesses are looking for its growth prospects through Facebook, twitter and the likes.

I came across this infographic by Invesp which helps you understand “Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media”.-

Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media

Social Media Campaign-Akansha Foundation’s Innovative Social Media Campaign

The Akansha Foundation is a NGO that has taken the initiative of teaching about 4000 under-privileged students. Unfortunately their noble cause faces the biggest challenge in form of shortage of teachers. We all understand the importance and presence of teacher in the process of education. In spite of trying different techniques, Akansha Foundation was unable to source sufficient number of applications for volunteers as teachers. They finally decided to tap social media and the results were simply astounding!

On 5th September, when other students in Mumbai were celebrating Teacher’s Day; Akansha Foundation kickstarted its social media campaign to make people realize the joy of teaching. Akansha Foundation targeted public places like international airport and malls and created a make shift classroom there. Armed with few benches and blackboards, volunteers of Akansha foundation converted small space at malls and airport into a mini-classroom. Students approached passers-by with a badge asking ‘will you by teacher?’ This gesture drew lot of attention and response from people. Passers-by stopped and spent 15 minutes with children teaching them varied subjects like math, history, arts, dance and photography. When these passers-by were questioned about their experience after they spent time with the children; they were exalted. Most of them admitted that they never thought they could teach.

Akansha Twitter

With this social media campaign, Akansha reached the core of the problem. It changed people’s mentality that teaching needs qualifications. Akansha Foundation’s ‘will you be my teacher?’ campaign gathered tremendous response. Thanks to tweets and retweets by Mumbaikars. A popular radio channel ‘BIG 92.5 FM’ invited listeners to conduct virtual classrooms for these students on air. Armed with support from BIG FM and Twitter, Akansha Foundation received four times the required number of applications for volunteers.

This social media campaign highlighted the use of simple yet effective technique to reach the masses. It once again proved the strength of Twitter in spreading the message and getting results. It also showcased the power of top influencers on social Media platforms. When a top influencer of the group tweeted about the campaign, the possibility of it being shared and retweeted increased considerably. Akansha Foundation achieved their results without spending a single rupee on classifieds and Ads. This campaign is a lesson for all marketing pundits that the most effective campaign doesn’t need to be campaign that is most expensive or most advertised. If you tap the right key, which in today’s world is social media; you will be in a position to make yourself audible.

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Tips for FMCG’s for optimizing social Media

It is hard to stay away from social media in today’s world. Almost major target audiences are available on social media networks. This makes it imperative for corporate and business houses to tap the potential of social media networking. While most of companies rely on one or two social media networks to create an online presence, it is extremely important that these companies leverage the potential of social media effectively. Corporate houses and businesses have accepted the power of social media and they have made an attempt at creating an online presence. The question is whether these companies are able to leverage the true potential of social media or are they just skimming the surface.



FMCG companies generally target their audience on social networking sites by creating fan pages. However only creating a fan page is not sufficient to boost the sales. FMCG companies should focus on adding value to their fan page by using the below mentioned tips

1. Increase customer interaction: FMCG companies have to deal with diverse consumer mindsets while introducing new products. Food and beverages like health drinks, breakfast cereals and snacks are often met with resistance from consumers. FMCG companies should use social media platforms as discussion panels and opinion boards with a view of understanding the consumer mentality. They can use this forum to clarify the consumer doubts with reference to different FMCG products. It is recommended that company should engage product experts and senior officials to handle these forums. Increased customer interaction can help FMCG companies in understanding the market pulse. It is a great idea to change customer’s perception in a favorable manner

2. Discount Coupons: Discounts coupons are one of the easiest ways of attracting the consumers towards your fan page. Discount coupons have a direct impact on store sales. Consumers are likely to buy the product because of the savings attached with the same. FMCG companies can also tie up with different websites that offer daily deals. Featuring the FMCG deal of the day on social networking site will help in pumping the sales and will also increase the number of fans

3. Online Competitions: FMCG companies can also roll out different online games and contests to attract the consumers. One can allocate goodie bags and other items as prizes for these contests. Consumers will definitely respond positively to such contests. E.g. Cadbury’s” meetha dinner contest” or Tide’s “batao apni tide story contest”. Responses from these competitions can help you in deciding your ad campaigns. These contests also help you in creating brand awareness.

These simple tips go a long way in establishing a strong brand identity online. Don’t miss out on these tips, if you are looking at exploiting the true potential of social media.