LinkedIn Tips for Businesses


Social media is a rage amongst the youth and the masses. When one thinks about social media, the first thing that comes to their mind is Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and MySpace are more of social networking sites which are also used by businesses for interaction. LinkedIn stands out as a professional networking site.

LinkedIn is extremely powerful tool to connect to people and enhance your business opportunities. Here are few tips that can help you in tapping on vast gamut of business opportunities through LinkedIn connections.

1. Update Profile Info: Your LinkedIn profile is your online identity. The first thing that people notice about you will be your profile information. It is crucial that you fill up all the relevant information about yourself and your business. It is important that this information is updated and reviewed periodically.

2. Add your expertise: Areas of expertise need to be highlighted in order to grab the potential visitor’s attention. Your area of expertise will also determine your networking circle. For example if you are a recruitment firm and your expertise is headhunting for top management then you need to mention the same in most appealing way. This will ensure that potential senior management individuals and companies that require your services will connect with you.

3. Participate in forums: LinkedIn groups have several forums. It is recommended that you participate in these forums and share your industry knowledge on the subject. Forum participation and answering questions about domain expertise add a lot of credibility to your profile.

4. Aim to be top influencer: Every group has statistics about top influencers of the week. People want to connect to top influencers because they are considered to be market leaders. It should be your aim to be one of the top influencers in your industry domain or industry related group.

5. Create your business page: Your business page is the mouthpiece of your business progress. It is recommended that you create a business page and update your recent achievement, changes and progress targets. This has a dual benefit. One that the business gets more visibility and second that the consumers and potential clients are constantly reminded about your presence.

6. Create online polls: Nothing can be as effective as online polls. If you are planning on launching a new product or diversifying your product mix, then you can create an online poll and get an instantaneous response and market pulse.

These simple tips can help you in unleashing your business potential and opening new doors of opportunities for you.

Social Networking Vs Emails

The Year 2010- 2011 witnessed a major boom in the field of social networking. Facebook and Twitter were the new buzz words. Google also entered the social networking domain with launch of Google+. Social networking has managed to bridge the gap between real life communication and virtual world. People find it easier to upload pictures of their personal moments, so that their friends can share their thoughts about the same. Social networking offers a real time communication platform to all its users. Even businesses have started to look at social networking as an opportunity to expand their business and reach the wider mass.

Social Networking Vs Emails

In this entire process of social networking boom, use of emails has declined considerably. Honestly think when was the last time you sent a personal email to a friend or relative. People would rather prefer to chat on different social networking sites or just post a message on their social networking Ids. Statistics by Comscore reveal that time spent on Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and other e-mail services has declined in most Asia-Pacific regions, the most impacted are India and Malaysia. On the contrary, time spent on social networking sites has increased. There is a 40% increase in social networking users.

Emails are currently restricted to business use. Corporate giants like Coke and Dell are also utilizing the power of social networking to communicate with their customers. Social networking definitely offers a personal touch compared to emails, however social networking sites do not offer the privacy offered by emails. Social networking sites target the youth whereas emails have a larger target audience. Middle age adults still prefer to communicate via emails and telephone vis-à-vis social networking sites. Many middle aged adults find social networking sites complex to use. Considering the above mentioned scenario, one needs to rethink about Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that emails are dead.

Social networking sites are definitely the choice of today’s generation however speaking about the larger spectrum of audience, emails still exist. The question is whether emails would continue to be preferred form of communication in the coming years. If social networking site owners are able to counter the privacy issues on these sites then probably emails would be a history at least for personal communication.

It is too early to comment on extinction of emails as per statistics on business use of emails. Statistics reveal that typical business user sends and receives 105 messages daily. Around 49 per cent of e-mail users live in the Asia Pacific region. One cannot deny the fact that emails are safer and more legitimate way of communicating as compared to social networking. Only time will tell, if emails survive the social networking attack. Let’s wait and watch.

Essentials of Twitter Lists and Scope for Improvement

Twitter has become the most widely used networking tool, which enables you to easily meet, message and network with likeminded individuals. Having said that, the main hassle with using a tool like twitter is the difficulty in organizing information, especially contact or follower names but this problem has been solved with the creation of twitter lists, which make it very easy to categorize all your information as per your requirement.
The best part of twitter lists is that it allows individuals to create the list as against other networking sites like Facebook where you have to join in a page or become a fan to create a list. The best use for such lists is that all twitter users can now get access to the public messages of twitter users under a specific category. Moreover, it allows individuals to categorize all their followers into separate categories for easy access.

Given the usefulness of twitter lists, it is important to understand that this is still in its infancy and has yet to grow, for which incidentally this concept has tremendous potential. The major drawback of this present system is that it allows only a finite number of lists, namely 20 and each list can have only a finite number of people, namely 500. This restricts the freedom of the user who now has to really prioritize the kind of category he or she really requires and also select only the most important people to form the group. Additionally, this feature has other problems, which if solved could make this an extremely useful feature for all twitter users.

All new introductions bring with them a huge scope for improvement and following are a few areas where twitter lists can definitely improve, in order to become a great asset for networking individuals and twitter users.

* Increasing the number of lists that one can create as well as increasing the number of people per list will help twitter users categorize their contacts better and with more ease.
* Simplified search tool, by which the user can actually search within a list or category is an absolute necessity as this simplifies the concept of searching through the myriad followers of an individual.
* Individual user should be given the freedom of choosing the lists he or she wants displayed on the side. * Additionally, a select set of lists pertaining to the interest of the individual user should also be displayed.
* Creating lists, under a specific category, automatically with the click of a button from the myriad people following or being followed by the user.
* Freedom to add people directly to a list and also to easily and directly send messages to people in a particular list.
* Last but not the least, the ability to combine lists, when required.

These few aspects, though simple, go a long way in making life simpler for a twitter user and should form a part of twitter lists in the future. This is very important because today a popularity of a person is measured by the number of lists he or she is a part of and hence the freedom to create more and better lists will ensure better networking and easier communication.