Outsourced Animation for eLearning Companies

Attention Means Retention

Boost retention with instructional and engaging eLearning training videos.

E-learning Video Production

Grab the learner’s attention with a highly engaging video filled with dynamic scenes, visual images and audio effects that bring the concepts to life.

We produce interactive eLearning videos that can tackle all the questions the learners could have.

Our specialists with complete skill sets can add interactive 3D objects, action scenarios, peers messages to bring about a dynamic learning experience.

Our Expert Team

Our video producers and editors have expertise in:

  • Creating interactive and engaging video content
  • Adding animated text and related images
  • Creative use of Shapes and Designs
  • Adding advanced animations such as transitions, effects, motion graphics, blur, etc.
  • Simple user interfaces and interactive designs
  • Converting linear Presentations into animated videos
  • Editing videos into highly customizable ones

Complete Skill Sets

Create high quality videos that attract viewers with our highly skilled team. Our team have hands-on experience with other video tools such as

  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Audio Editing
  • Translation and Localization
  • Templates and Music Libraries
  • Content Writing
  • And lots more..

High Quality, Unlimited Value

Unexpectedly Human

Our team delivers creative videos and animation, making complex topics fun and interesting.

Be Delighted

Our specialists produce highly appealing, delightful and motivating content that brings your audience closer.

Quality and Discounts

We work behind the scenes, producing engaging and interactive videos to agencies on volume discounts.


Our team can produce engaging videos adding fun to an interactive learning experience. Boost your business sales and brand presence with a better learning environment for your employees.

Induction Training Videos
Product Training Videos
Process trainings
Health and Safety Videos
Compliance and Legal Training Videos
Retail Training Videos
Foreign Language Safety Video
Tutorial Videos
Employee Onboarding & Orientation Videos

Attract them, Grow them, Keep them

  • increase in brand awareness through the use of video
  • more qualified leads per year when videos used in marketing
  • of organisations using video say that it’s a positive ROI
  • of a message is retained through watching a video as opposed to reading

We offer long-term services to business, creating custom learning and development videos for a successful workplace with complete safety. Feel safe and get started with us now!