Well-Balanced Production Process

Our easy-to-follow process creates personalized, quality videos you’ll be proud of.

Production Process

Make your life easy with our streamlined production process. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get an animated explainer video you can be proud of. Our process is the major reason behind our success. So, what’s the process, you might ask? Keep reading to find out!


You’ll start by filling out a questionnaire designed to help us learn about your company, its mission and goals. The more detailed your answers, the better we can target your audience. After the form submission we will schedule Google meet or phone conversation to make sure I understand your product. From here, most communication is via email.


Script represents the core of your video. Without a proper script you won’t be able to achieve the necessary results, hence your message needs to be simple and understandable.


Your story’s visual theme and design will start here. It can be described as a visual blueprint or a master plan. We will update you as the design moves forward to ensure everything is to your liking. If you find something needs improvement, your adaptable team will happily change styles or designs to better match your vision.


Next comes choosing the best-matched voice for your video from our group of talented vocalists. I’ll take it from there!


Coffees in hand, your tireless artistic magicians will combine the previous steps, with a splash of music to bring this all to fruition. Need more action or entertainment? I’ve got you covered!


Time to celebrate! You can feel at ease knowing you have a quality product that you are ready to share with the world on any device or platform!