4 Top Text-to-Video AI video creation software

The world of AI-powered video generation software is booming, offering a variety of tools to turn your text into engaging videos, even if you’re a beginner with no video editing skills. Convert your blog posts into engaging explainer videos instantly at a fraction of the cost. Here’s a list of some popular AI-driven applications, categorized by their strengths.

1. Vyond Go: Vyond Go is a web-based application that makes the entire video creation process extremely simple and quick. Forget spending hours editing and animating! Vyond Go AI-powered script and video creator transforms your script into a video in no time! You do not need any prior experience. Vyond Go is a part of Vyond Studio and hence the subscription is a bit expensive.

Free Trial for 14 days.

Essential: USD 49/month

Premium: USD 89/month

Professional: USD 159/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

2. Synthesia: Synthesia creates realistic AI-powered talking avatars that can lip-sync by simply typing in text. Easy to use and affordable. Turn your blog posts into engaging explainer videos, product demos, and educational content with human presenters. Offers paid plan.

Starter: USD 29/month

Creator: USD 89/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

3. InVideo: Converts text into professional-looking videos within no time! Just enter any topic and Invideo’s AI will get to work. It generates the script, scenes, and voice-over and your video is ready. The AI will make tweaks to the videos on your command. Offers a vast library of templates, stock footage, and animations. Creating social media content and marketing videos to engage your audience is effortlessly simple! Offers free and paid plans. 

Free: USD 0/month

Plus: USD 20/month

Max: USD 48/month

4. Lumen5: Simplifies video creation with easy-to-use web-based video creation software. its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and AI-powered editing tools are perfect for beginners. It focuses on text-to-video conversions hence users can automatically turn blog posts into videos or transform Zoom recordings into captivating clips. Offers paid plans

Basic: USD 29/month

Starter: USD 79/month

Professional: USD 199/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

AI-video generation software is still evolving. These text-to-video AI software options available, have their unique strengths and features. Consider your budget, skill level, and video needs when choosing the right tool for you.

In my upcoming posts, I will talk about AI-powered video generation tools for AI Editing & enhancement